day 1 [13th october 2018 12:44 AM]- a pause

i have not written anything in a long while, i could not. it happened after i left the city i have been living in for four years, this feeling happened when i left that city which taught me how to live independently. i call this feeling “a pause” because that’s what it feels to me.
a pause like how a show on tv can be paused while everything around keeps going on. this is how i’ve felt after leaving the city where my soul literally learnt how to be free and yet, responsible.
[long pause, got lost in dreamy thoughts while listening to Imagine Dragons- I’ll make it up to you] i was thinking about how i want to self publish my collection of poetry, so all those who crave poetry can find something to read.
this year has passed so quickly, i have been very sick this year. i was diagnosed with extra-pulmonary tuberculosis (tb in my ankle joint). i have not been able to walk properly. i hope i will be able to, very soon.

here are a few things which keep me positive while being bedridden:

-watching tv series on amazon prime
-work, work, work
-that’s pretty much about it

watching tv shows on amazon prime

i’ve completed watching more than 5 tv shows since the beginning of this year.
let me make a list of those here so i can write a review about them later on

-House M.D.
-Grey’s Anatomy
-Two and a Half men
-This is Us
-The Start Up
-Citizen Khan
-Anger Management
-Life Sentence

13! Fuck! that’s a long list.

nonetheless, i have enjoyed watching all of them. books, movies, tv shows are my safe- they take me to a different world when i want to stay away from what’s around me.
on the other hand, i do hope that soon that soon enough i start reading thrice the number of books.

work, work, work

last year i started working on a e commerce start up Amrutam, with my friend stuti. Amrutam is an Ayurvedic products manufacturing company. Two of manage the e commerce side of it. Its a lot of fun because a) it’s e commerce b) and a lot of other reasons.

you know, lately i have realized that my sense of humor is really bad. the jokes which sound so funny in my mind are not funny at all. lol XD


food does have a way to my heart, it does makes me happy [smiling lol]. however, this might relate to my habit of eating anxiously eating for the sake of eating.

i have been trying to eat healthy since last two days, will keep trying.

that’s about it for tonight
much love,

okay, before i leave i really want to write a few things i am most greatful for tonight:

– having work to do which i enjoy
-having people to take care of me when i’m sick

what are you grateful for tonight?

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