day 3 [16th october 2018 10:55 PM] – in faith & hope

i started experiencing a strange kind of pain in my left ankle, near the malleoli-the protruding circular which makes our ankle joint. it started, the pain, sometime in december 2017, i can recollect now, as i think about it.

i have visited so many doctors, hospitals and even traditional healers. even tried some natural desi healing techniques using Aloe Vera and Turmeric. this journey of healing has had a lot of, a lot of ups and down. till march, the pain was not so chronic and i was able to walk okayishly. it was in april that i started li

mping and since then i have not been able to walk properly. finally, in mid august, when all doctors of my city had given up, i through the help of a friend’s recommendation started consulting a senior orthopaedist. i was diagnosed with extra pulmonary tuberculosis on 15th august and today, it has been two months that i have been taking my meds successfully and going through the required treatment.

the treatment for tuberculosis is very slow, it goes on for 6-9 months generally and can go even longer in different types of tuberculosis.

i am thankful for having being able to find patience and support to deal with this illness. now, i really want to start walking properly soon and go run on fresh blades of grass. i want this to happen soon, real soon.

i don’t love going to doctors because they speak so less and answer none of my questions. there are so many questions i will have for them, but well..guess i will have to study medicine to find my answers.

that’s all for now.



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