who am i

who am i?
i see that the
hands of the clocks,
have now,
started spinning
leftwards, and we,
you and me, tanzim,
are going back to
where we started.

from those vast empty
gardens, where you’ll
sit, with our mother
and father, around,
and look at the world,
in awe, look
at the baloonwallah’s
and the icecreamwallah’s,
and gleam in amazement
of everything, that
is around.

and, now
tanzim, we are
spinning behind
going back in
time, on a reverse

imagine, if
everything that has
happened to
you, and to me,
imagine it- only
being our imagination.

i know your chest feels
heavy now, heavy now-
mine does too,
it must be the pills.

the dogs are barking
in the gully, why do
they bark.

i am trying to forget you, tanzim
but i am forgetting myself too.

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