Month: July 2019

  • 15th July 2019

    i feel abruptly empty at this hour in the night. its twelve am in the night and i feel tired, i want to sleep and not wake up to deal with another day of life. everything seems so difficult, even just to breathe. i feel tired of living. i feel afraid to share this with […]

  • 13th July 2019

    i have not been happy in a long while, in a long long while. i don’t even know how long it has been. i fail to recollect any happy memories from my past years on planet earth.i also am thinking, that that might not really be true. not having any happy memories. if i look […]

  • 9th July 2019

    I feel terribly lost at the moment, I am staying back in the office today as there is no water here and someone needs to stay back to fill water. Water comes here only twice a day, and at timings when two of us are not in the office. It runs from 6-8, AM & […]

  • 3rd July 2019

    I had no clue whatsoever about my life after college, not that I had a clue in college but there was a spark then, some sort of positivity. I could look at things in a way. And now, it feels my illness has and my circumstances have stolen that from me. My hands feel tied […]

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