don’t be afraid, dear heart!

back when i was in college, i kept working on short-term goals – to keep engaging myself in the things i enjoyed – from poetry to film workshops. i pursued economics as majors but my heart always kept swaying towards the subjective disciplines like literature, psychology and sociology.

more towards literature and psychology, since teenage i could see myself doing nothing but something to do with literature. i even tried starting a magazine in my school once and then kept pursuing my blog. writing has been very close to my heart, somehow in the last two years, i have lost my connection with it. almost like the books on the shelves which i want to read, but they have become a fantasy now – like a far fetched dream. i have wronged myself, to be very frank, i have wronged myself by telling myself that i cannot pursue my dearest dreams and interest.

well definitely it has been challenging, especially with all the responsibilities i took after right after graduation. beginning from my personal self than in the span of last two year, to my family. i am proud of myself, i smiled while i told myself. over these two years and more, i have grown tremendously – emotionally especially.

i guess every passing day is an opportunity for us to learn something, to embark on an adventure of sorts. yes, sometimes our insecurities keep leering around us – let go of them. let go.

i have loved this song “all things go” by sufijaan stevens

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do you know, even writing requires stamina? it needs you to delve within, look within the dusty corners of your inner self and find the words hiding out of fear and insecurities.

don’t be afraid, dear heart! don’t be afraid! you’re brave.

i have been meaning to write about my experience with the vipassana course which i attended last year in sept.

till the time i manage to put my thoughts together, you can listen to my a small podcast here – do tell me if you enjoyed listening to it.



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