of madness & jungle

it’s a fucked up life. that’s the first line which comes to my head while i surf through the daily life pressures and dreams. well, i must not forget the dreams. dreams are the stuff thar keeps us alive, keeps us going with the hope that one day. one fucking day, its all gonna be alright. one day, we will move beyond all our differences and truly learn to love. one day, we’ll learn kindness and let go of all that’s evil and dark within us. one day. one fucking day, hahaha. i am listening to gun’s & roses – november rain after a long long time. i am angry, i get angry very often now with life and sip my anger with my cup of old monk (the classical indiam rum, i have grown up drinking). https://open.spotify.com/track/0bVtevEgtDIeRjCJbK3Lmv?si=oxtPOuXtRz6L7bIoj02FDw

when will i learn? when will i learn to turn my gaze inwards, i learn and forget, always and all the fucking time. you think i am mad, i am mad? i am not. or may i am. or may be you are. i miss old rock and roll and teenage. twenties are about responsibilities. responsibilities. are these responsibilities me? or just a by product of the indian family system. okay, let me not make you think of me as a red painted cynic, i am not. i understand that i might comes across like that often, with my words and even my body language. its my instincts, i guess. i am always on guard, trying to protect this sense of security and being insecure about it. isn’t that crazy now. how can i protect something that i don’t even have. i am a nothing man. though lately i have started believing in the idea of god, it gives me strength of sorts – to be with society and not keep fighting against it. rock and roll fellas! sending love & hugs.

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