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my friends often keep asking me why don’t i tell them when i am going for a movie. watching movies comes to me as a natural act of leisure, often i find myself going to the cinema twice in a week. like i did this week.

i ended up watching two movies, one with ayushmann khurrana and second, with taapsee pannu.

it was this wednesday or thursday only that we all were discussing how no movie has come out in a while which is very touching. and today only i ended up watching thappad directed by anubhav sinha.

i have a group meditation session planned for tomorrow but i guess i will end up skipping it. i have been wanting to do attend it since weeks now. so confused, if i should plan to attend it or not. you know, sometimes not planning makes sense because in current scenario the group meditation session is at 6 am and its 2am right now. you know what i mean right?

btw, speaking of meditation – you should listen my podcast about my experience with vipassana. i have never recorded a second episode, but if you show some love to the first one – i will. hahaha.

anyway, coming back to the movie, i loved everything about it. in the first half i had a feeling that of predictability, like i could see where the story is going but i am glad it turned out to be the other way round. i am not going to share the entire story here but it’s definitely a lovely movie.

thappad is about women in men’s world, about a reality which we subtly accept in our daily but intellectually don’t favor – about patriarchy and it’s unfair. i guess no social systems are perfect or just but it’s our job, our karma to strive towards seems good, what seems just and dream of a future where all communities live happily – it is utopian. i dream that dream and i and i am not stopping.

in the movie, thappad, there is a dialogue between amrita (tapassee banu) and her father (add actor name) tapasee asks him, if what she is doing is right – she is worried and having second thoughts about the divorce case she is filing against her husband. her father, says very wisely, all that we do we do with the right intentions and if something unjust or ill comes out of the right we think we are doing, then its not in our hands. you got to do your karma.

spoiler alert – background story to the above words of wisdom is: is it right to stand up against your loved ones if you find yourself ill-treated. where do we draw boundary? especially in a patriachal set up, where the list of things which are unjust is very long. at which point do we a draw a line, that enough – i am not in favor of this. when do we express our disappointment. can we?

i say we because it is not a man vs. woman concern, it applies to all relationships and our current social setup. when do we question the age-old norms and get ready for change?

if you are reading this, please do watch the movie thappad. the direction, script, acting, shots, music – everything is lovely and it’ll move you. it’ll move your heart a little and i guess that’s important in our age.

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  1. 🀄This writing story was very good. and this story has a very good vibe. 📃and I hope that you will become a very big writer.💫 and this movie🎬 was watched today.✒ And Even write in such a story.💬

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