21 days lockdown | how to survive

i was working on our e-store – amrutam.co.in – working on some teeny-tiny theme updates while my family watched the indian prime minister narendra modi – giving his second speech in recent days about the corona virus pandemic. i would say he is a very proactive prime minister, seeing him trying to interact with the citizens in times like this, honestly, that is what you expect from a leader.
look, don’t take the other way round – i am not a modi fan at all and nor am i politically active. but yes, a twenty one day lockdown makes sense, as that’s required to fight covid19. until and unless, we as figure out other ways to fight covid19.

i know there are a lot of questions, answers to which we seek from our government and pm modi. and trust me on this, we’ll find the answers. we’re all in this together. and we’ll find the answers to the questions we’re looking for. we’ll and may be, by the time we do – this shall change too.
i noticed a sudden sadness, lost feeling took over all of us – at home, on social media – as if the world has come to a pause and yes, it has. we are pausing for the next twenty one days.
before i go all haywire with my thoughts, let me share the quick questions which are coming up:
1. where will the money flow in from?
2. what about food?
3. how will the daily earners get their meals?
4. oh what the hell, how on earth – we’ll manage this?
now, i am going to tell you that we’ll – we’ll manage through this just fine. i understand that i might be being the extraordinary optimistic here and if i wear my pragmatic hat, i might think of things differently yes – i might.
but while all of this is happening, while the entire world is trying to fight a pandemic – all i can do is go back to is my vipassana days and share how two important principles can make us feel better or change our perspective towards things:
1. anichya – everything will change

2. this planet has enough for all of us
i understand your worries about business, food, money and everything materialistic. however, at this moment, i would choose to think differently.
and i would urge you too to think differently and look how if this twenty one days lockdown goes successful we will be able to combat a crazy level health crisis and save numerous lives.
so let’s say positive shall we?
much love,

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