Month: April 2020

  • महंगे सपने | Expensive Dreams

    दिल थोड़ा टूट-सा गया था,आज रात, घबराइए मत-अब इसे संभाल लिए है| थोड़ा-सा टूटा, थोड़ीआंख भर आईं,सच बताऊँ तो,थोड़ा रोने का मनतो अब भी है| ना जाने एकदर्द-सा है सीनेमें, थोड़ा बतानेकी कोशिश करी उन्हें-बस थोड़ा ही,शायद आज इसदर्द के साथ ही सोनाहोगा, अगर नींद आई तो-अपनेपुराने सपनों कोजो याद कर लियाथोड़ा-सा-यहसपने बहुत महंगे है।

  • why i migrated from to amazon aws

    last night, i finally completed migrating from to aws. i had set up my blog on in the year 2018 and before that i used to use for my blog – the blog was called spilling the bright ink. if you enjoy writing, as much as i do and are looking for […]

  • lightbulb js

    Just learning javascript So, friends what is javascript? From what I read on w3 schools, JavaScript helps in changing the behaviour of content on webpages. For example, if on a basic webpage i want to change content using the click of a button, i will use javascript. Now, let me show you some magic ON […]

  • the new boy in the city

    i watched wake up sid in school, i don’t exactly remember how old i was when i watched it but it was this movie which did shape up expectations about a city. more or less, yeah. there are some personal reasons why i could personally relate to sid an d ayesha. especially with ayesha. she […]

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