the new boy in the city

i watched wake up sid in school, i don’t exactly remember how old i was when i watched it but it was this movie which did shape up expectations about a city.

more or less, yeah.

there are some personal reasons why i could personally relate to sid an d ayesha. especially with ayesha. she came from a different city (kolkata) to bombay- the city of dreams, as they say it. i have not lived in a bombay.

i have lived in bangalore for almost four years and it was quite a journey there.

and now after a year of being extremely dependent on my family, i have move out again- moved out to live independently, to create my own reality – a world i could call my own.
just like ayesha did.

although, my decision to move out was not entirely how planned ayesha’s was, it was more like sid’s decision of moving out of his house- impulsive, instictive and intutional. and often when intuition is involved in my decision making process, decisions seem something that come out of the blue, but to be honest, it is something that has been thought of- over and again, for weeks.

okay, i know, you must be thinking (if you have read so far) why i am trying to compare my life with an Ayan Mukherjee movie.

i don’t have an absolute answer to that question. but i feel, a large part of our perceived reality (social reality) is formed from various elements which we pick and pull from around us, from what we see, observe, hear and remember.

there are always too many things going on in my head and its nice to just write about it.

without judging myself (i am judging myelf now though, like what i am even writing- it does not even makes sense to me as a reader)

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