why i migrated from wordpress.com to amazon aws

last night, i finally completed migrating from wordpress.com to aws. i had set up my blog on wordpress.com in the year 2018 and before that i used to use blogger.com for my blog – the blog was called spilling the bright ink.

if you enjoy writing, as much as i do and are looking for online spaces to set up your blog, then you should familiarize yourself with these platforms – blogger, wordpress and amazon aws (this one is little advanced and more tech-related).

even when it comes to wordpress – there is wordpress.com and wordpress.org. i will explain briefly what all these platforms are below.

  1. blogger:

    it is a website which helps you set up and publish your blog online. as a platform, it was launched in 1999 by pyra labs and later in 2003, it was acquired by google. my very first blog which i started as a teenager – for the love of writing & expression “spillingthebrightink” was on blogger.

    since, blogger is free of cost – it’s a good beginning step to start your blog.
  2. wordpress.com

    wordpress.com is similar to blogger, it was started in 2005 by automattic inc. – the company which is known for multiple popular projects like akismet, woocommerce, jetpack and many more. wordpress.com provides free hosting to your blog.

    as a freemium service – it is a good alternative to google’s blogger.
  3. wordpress.org

    wordpress.org is different from blogger & wordpress.com – it is a content management system (cms) – a system which allows you to manage your blog / online space. as of 2019, more than 10 million websites are powered by wordpress. it definitely is a beautiful and powerful to help users build websites all around the globe.

    and the best part, it is open-source and free of cost!
    which means you can tweak its code as per your requirement.
  4. amazon aws
    aws stands for amazon web services – it is a subsidiary of amazon – it provides cloud computing platforms on demand and it’s pricing structure differs from other hosting providers.

why i migrated from wordpress.com to amazon aws

now that you know a little bit about different available platforms, i want to answer this question for you. so why did i migrate from wordpress.com to amazon aws – it was for better features, cheaper pricing and more freedom in terms of design and development.

i had subscribed to the premium plan of wordpress.com which allows you access multiple themes, a ssl certificate and few other features but one feature it does not allow you access to are the plugins and without plugins – a lot of your access is restricted – if you are a non-techie or in the process of learning tech.

either way, it’s better to have something instead of not having it?

wordpress.com vs. wordpress.org


wordpress.com pricing is based on plans like premium, business etc and accordingly features are allowed or restricted based on different plans.

wordpress.com pricing
wordpress.com pricing


i chose the premium plan, for which i paid inr 4200 and got hosting + domain name + ssl, it did sound like a good deal back then in 2018 but as i kept learning more and more, i realized – it’s so no good after all and next year in 2019 i continued with wordpress.com thinking that i don’t write much nowadays and plugins and all the tech will be a hassle. i also ended up paying additionally for the domain name and ssl.

now, fast forward to 2020, thanks to being quarantined i decided to migrate from wordpress.com to amazon aws finally.

amazon’s pricing does look complicated in the beginning but if you sit with it, it’s not that difficult to understand.

i’m using ec2 stance – amazon elastic compute cloud which offers 750 free hours per month for 12 months – i am using the t2.micro instance along with bitnami’s wordpress configuration.

so basically, you get one year of free hosting – if you are using the free tier instance like t2.micro and after that based on the traffic – you can decide the tier and instance you want to use or possibly, migrate to some other platform – whatever works for you.

learn how to migrate from wordpress.com to aws here

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