Month: May 2020

  • i close my eyes

    i close my eyes,and think about the placesi have not been to,the lakes,the mountains,the hills,the beaches i close my eyes,and think about the places,i have not been to,the lakes,the mountains,the hills,the beaches tanzim, i think of youand how we seldom talk toeach other, about each other –sometimes we do, sometimes i dotell about youto others […]

  • i said ugly words to mother

    i said ugly words,to mother, tanzim, my heart was taken bystorm, by literallack of sleeps,the cracks, in myheart, became wide open,i was afraid while i ate my dinner,unheartedly, cooked unheartedly,mother cooked it tanzim, whathappened to her,why are we sobroken i said ugly wordsto mother, in summer

  • o’ dear tanzim

    it has become ahabit now, tanzim,a very bad habit,i know, youare wondering –what am i talkingabout, wait –i know, i neverlet you speak,tanzim – o’ deartanzim – it takesso much courage,to just allow youto exist i will tellyou what mytherapist toldme once, she said“your locus of controlis external”,o’ dear tanzim,she was right i never listen,to […]

  • on ayurveda & experiments

    ever since i was a kid, i was drawn towards mysticism, towards ideas of consciousness, nirvana, spirituality and of historical wisdom which my ancestors have to offer. i have seen my dada ji (grandfather – i call him badepapa) using neem stick for brushing his teeth, drinking loki (bottlegourd) & karela (bittergourd) juice and honestly […]

  • a cup of chai

    i sat with my family, my father and brother, with heavy heart, it’s been twenty, forty, i don’t know, how many days, since the lockdown, we sit with our dreamy eyes and hearts lit with passion, to do something, as we sit together, over a cup of chai, it’s only now that i’ve learnt- how […]

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