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ever since i was a kid, i was drawn towards mysticism, towards ideas of consciousness, nirvana, spirituality and of historical wisdom which my ancestors have to offer.

i have seen my dada ji (grandfather – i call him badepapa) using neem stick for brushing his teeth, drinking loki (bottlegourd) & karela (bittergourd) juice and honestly had a very ugh reaction. though i enjoy eating karela ki sabji once a while, the idea of drinking its bitter juice was always bitter.

stemming from those experiences and always been surrounded by a pill for everything – i did not get an opportunity up until 2017 to dwelve into and experience how even nature has these magical properties which science is not yet ready to analyze completely.

after working on all things ayurvedic & natural at amrutam, last year when my treatment for tuberculosis ended i started on a detox (up till my best friend came to city, best friends tend to take away your sobriety away).

from january 2020, after learning a little about my dosha (unique body type as per ayurveda) i started taking a few ayurvedic herbs and after five months of consistent intake – i can vouch for them and say the results are mindblowing.

[to learn about your dosha type, you can take up this quiz prepared built by team amrutam – it’s very short & fun]

i started using triphala in powder form, it has helped me a great deal to improve metabolism and also to put lethargy away.

i also have using a kadha known as saraswatarishta which has a lot of medhya rasayanas like brahmi, shatavari, dhataki, cinammon and many more.

fun fact: saraswatarishta has 5-10% self generating alcohol

it has been very helpful in managing anxiety and aiding a good night sleep

additionally i have also been using ashwagandha tablets, again very helpful in aiding sleep & relaxation

the best part about all these recipes is that they are completely natural and don’t have any side-effects [when used in recommended dosage]

in case you are planning to start using any ayurvedic herbs, i would like to recommend that use these for at least, at least 4-5 months for best results

all right folks, that’s all for now.



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3 responses to “on ayurveda & experiments”

  1. Very elaborate and logically explained
    Can relate well with the findings and recommendations

  2. I found the published items good initially but towards the end I am confused as to what to do with remedies etc

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