how to get rid of spam on your wordpress blog

i opened my wp dashboard today after months and was horrified to see 10k+ spam comments. on one hand, these spam comments indicate that my blog – thebohemianwandarer is showing up on google results but at the same time – spam is spam!

the actual count was more than 12k, this is after i manually hunted for some spam comments, checking if there are any real comments.
so what do we do? how do we fight these spam bots?

if you google, you’ll find ton load of solutions but i will share the one which worked for me and helped me filter through 12k+ spam comments on my wordpress website.

akismet spam protection – the utlimate answer against spam protection

askimet spam protection is one of the most downloaded and trusted wordpress plugin to fight spam.

you can install askimet spam protection from the wordpress dashboard and add the free api key to start running the plugin.

how to get the free askimet spam protection api key?
  1. visit
  2. select the personal use plan

3. select 0$ on what is Akismet worth to you scale

if you can afford to pay akismet and are not a beginner, you can choose the amount you wish to pay monthly/yearly add your card details, email, site url and you will get the api key in your email after completing the sign up.


all the spam comments on your wordpress will get auto-marked as spam
what are spam comments?

unwanted comments by bots or users – in very simple words.

why do people create spam bots? to get free traffic from different sources to their websites, often these are linked to porn or money scams.

your site health also gets impacted by spam comments, along with your google ranking – it’s best to fight them as soon as you notice them.

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