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the white tiger directed by ramin bahrani, featuring rajkumar rao, priyanka chopra and adarsh gourav is thriller rollcoaster – it begins with an inspiritational sort of a vibe with scenes from balram (adarsh’s) childhood – where a guest in his school recognizes him as a white tiger as someone who is there break the usual norms of the society.

balram is good with reading basic english but soon after he get’s scholarship to study in delhi – his brother kishan takes him to the tea stall where he works because of the debts that their father have.

kishan and balram hail from laxmangarh, a small village near delhi where the landlord – commonly referred to as the stork rules lives of all the villagers.

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the stork played by mahesh manjrekar is a coal trader who is from laxmangarh but later moves to dhanbad.

the white tiger is a twisted tale narrated by balram as to how for him to be a white tiger, he has to commit sin – as that is the only way to rise in india, “crime or politics”.

the film is beautifully narrated and directed, taking the viewers on a ride through a driver’s life and how eventually he becomes a master from being a servant. the movie white tiger explores various themes – democracy, socialism, casteism and plays upon the servant-master relationship as well heavily. in india, there is a massive culture of having servants do your basic chores and white tiger explores how for a person belonging to the servant class, it’s next to impossible to rise up in the economic ladder – the whole class struggle as described by lord marx.

everything changes when balram chooses to change his fate and murders ashok (rajkumar rao) and then runs away to bangalore to start his own taxi service known as the white tiger.

overall its a very engaging movie and a must-watch – perhaps a lil dark if you are into happy-happy stuff.

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