Month: February 2022

  • hope, rum & sunsets

    twelve in the afternoon today i had no idea if we’d follow the plans we had made the evening before. my friend had texted me late night yesterday, i was too tired and could only respond early in the morning today. i dint know we’d make it. but hope always surprises us, before leaving my […]

  • something like a quarter life crisis

    last two weeks have been very difficult, last two days were relatively better.i am happy that we talked today, even though it was just a few messages. it’s just nice to hear from you. i am curled up in my blanket right now, hitting the virtual keyboard with my drunk thumb. listening to “when we […]

  • let love flow

    i have deletedall the calls logs,all our messages,the images i have deletedour memories,because it startedto hurta little too much i know, you triedand i did too,to love eachother but somewhere inbetween, my love floodedway too strongly foryou somewhere the spacein between our love, becametoo less we were bothgasping to breathe, andto be loved but wecould […]

  • complete in yourself

    good morning t,how are you? i know it has been hard getting up and getting out of bed. i know you feel hurt and are in a lot of pain. it’s okay to feel the pain. you are safe. you are complete in yourself.

  • between harry & tanzim

    tanzim asked harry “dear harrywhy is itso easy for everyoneto leave me, every timei start anticipatingthat love will arrive,it leaves leaves me bleeding,with all my woundsopen again,the stiches openingwith each word exchanged. oh i understand, harry!i am not perfect,sometimes i make my loved onesangry..i am sorry about that, harry! i will be a good boy, […]

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