between harry & tanzim

tanzim asked harry

“dear harry
why is it
so easy for everyone
to leave me,

every time
i start anticipating
that love will arrive,
it leaves

leaves me bleeding,
with all my wounds
open again,
the stiches opening
with each word exchanged.

oh i understand, harry!
i am not perfect,
sometimes i make my loved ones
i am sorry about that, harry!

i will be a good boy, harry!
can you please bring them back?

why does everyone leave me, harry
am i unlovable

because honestly harry,
i get angry too

harry, i get angry too
when they hurt me and
leave me

just like mumma and papa did,
they will also leave me
because i did something wrong

but harry, mumma papa fought so much
and got angry with each other,
i was just trying to save myself, harry

i want to be hugged too
and kissed

i want to talk about my day
and my work and my dreams
and my coloring book

but harry, they left me

just like mumma papa did”

harry told tanzim

“i am here, tanzim
i am here now, tanzim
and i am not going anywhere
my love for you is unconditional
i will love you, no matter what
because i am you
and you are me

i know, tanzim
you want to cry your gut out,
i know, tanzim
you don’t want to live another day

but just hang in there, tanzim

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