let love flow

i have deleted
all the calls logs,
all our messages,
the images

i have deleted
our memories,
because it started
to hurt
a little too much

i know, you tried
and i did too,
to love each

but somewhere in
between, my love flooded
way too strongly for

somewhere the space
in between our love, became
too less

we were both
gasping to breathe, and
to be loved

but we
could not
even see each other

it hurts,
to see you go,
to not write to you and
ask you about your day

to not hear your voice
and the translator,

it hurts,
but girl, this is
where we reached

i will
let it hurt, till the pain
subsides, till the time
the tears on my cheek
dry down

i will let it hurt
i will
allow myself
to miss you

because what
we shared was beautiful

because a part of me
still wants to write to you,
to listen to your voice

but i’ll let it be,
i’ll let you go

i’ll let my love flow

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