hope, rum & sunsets

twelve in the afternoon today i had no idea if we’d follow the plans we had made the evening before.

my friend had texted me late night yesterday, i was too tired and could only respond early in the morning today. i dint know we’d make it. but hope always surprises us, before leaving my house – i was listening to this movie on netflix – loop lapeta. it said something about hope, something not very positive. about how you constantly keep chasing hope.

but i love chasing hope, hope is all i’ve got. i take the risks i can and i hope to see beautiful sunsets and birds dancing in sky, and company of friends around whom i feel alive. alive in fashion that the past moment and future moments fade away from the constant chatter which goes on in my head. only present remains, when i am with my loved ones.

only present.

i reached park inn somewhere around 1 in the afternoon, and we stocked up all our picnic snacks and drinks and kept riding with no particular destination in mind, just hope.

hope is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

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