i would never write to you

for all the letters,
i would never write to you

i would write a poem,
at odd hours,

like at 5:49 am,
after waking up
from a vivid dream,
about you

i am tempted,
to let my muscle
memory – find
your name,
in my contact list
and tell you

how i saw you
getting married,
in a beautiful red

with starry gold sequence
and you send me
pictures of your

to a man,
i never knew

you come
and tell me,
that he is no threat

o’ my love but
you are so beautiful

i strangle my memories
of you and let,
the pain asphyxiate me

slowly collapsing
my lungs, my
heart, my memory
of you

i would never write to you
no long letters

only love poems,
which will
never find their way to you

and i see you
in my dream

and i am happy
for you and
in pain for
the dreams of us

i would never write to you

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