Is the funding winter over?

D2C Funding September 2022 (1st-10th September)

Is the funding winter over?

In the first ten days of September, D2C brands have raised more than 17 M USD.

This signals investors confidence in D2C as a sector and the changing consumer preference toward online shopping.

Here are the brands which raised funds this September:

1. Akshayakalpa Organic

Founded by Dr. GNS Reddy and @Shashi Kumar sir, Akshayakalpa Organic sells organic dairy items like Milk, Ghee, Cheese, Butter etc 

What’s innovative about Akshayakalpa is its vision to change the current migration pattern, lakhs and lakhs of people move to urban cities in search of better lifestyles and opportunities. (We have seen adverse effects of this in recent times too)

The start-up works with farmers to create dairy output as a key economic opportunity for gainful employment.

2. Papa Pawsome

Founded by Nishita and Nikita Agarwal, this brand offers products for pets like Shampoo, Creams, Massage Oils etc 

The start-up claims all it’s products are 100% natural.

As per Market Decipher Report, the Indian Pet Care Market is one of the fastest growing market.

3. Anveshan

Founded by Aayushi Khandelwal, Akhil Kansal and Kuldeep Parewa. Anveshan is a healthy foods brand offering products like Wood-Pressed oils, A2 Ghee, Organic seeds, Stone Grounded Spices etc

4. D’Chica

Founded by Vani Chugh and Richa Kapila. D’Chica is a kids fashion brand, founded in 2014 and rebranded in 2019 to suit needs of tweens and teens.

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