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It was my younger sibling’s birthday three weeks back.

I got an opportunity to interact with my grandfather after months, and my grandfather was barely two years old when his family migrated from rasheedpur, Punjab (now Pakistan).

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while he has little memory of what would happen during those days, when his entire family suddenly had to shift to a new country – I could sense a heaviness in his body language, as if his body remembered those days.

He narrated how they first collected in a gurdwara nearby in rasheedpur and then went to Lahore and from there to Panipat, then to Sirona, a small village near Hisar, and then to Gwalior (where I currently put up).

My grandfather’s life began with chaos, a lot of which he does not remember now, in his seventies.

As humans, we start forming memories only after our early childhood.

Mark wolynn captures this phenomenon wonderfully in his book. It didn’t start with you – how inherited family trauma shapes who we are and how to end the cycle.

The book is practical, where mark takes you on a journey with his numerous clients who have suffered through some form of inter-generational trauma and found healing through their core language.

wolynn explains the core language phenomenon through common sentences that keep occurring on our tongue and act as a compass to find the roots of our suffering.

It’s a heavy book to read and yet a very insightful one.

While reading some parts made me feel overwhelmed and even made me wonder if this was real. For instance, one of the clients mentioned in the book struggles with sleeplessness and an extreme form of insomnia.

Through his sessions, Mark explores the root cause of this and finds out how the client had taken on (internalized) the trauma from his grandfather, who died in the cold during the war.

The first chapter explains the biological reasoning behind inter-generational. I guess the author knew that towards the end of the chapter, some readers might not be able to absorb the concept of inter-generational trauma fully.

All in all, I would recommend you to read this book.

Get your copy here.

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