Is Brahmastra a commercial success?


I love watching movies.

One good thing which has happened post lockdown is opening of theatres.

While I’ve witnessed a long heavy trail of OTT versus Bollywood going on, I believe it has been a equally bad year for both (in fact, for most businesses as disposable income has reduced)

Nonetheless, if you are an Ayan Mukherjee fan since the Wake Sid Days (2009), you’d definitely be intrigued.

If not Ayan, the Amitabh ji, Ranbeer or Alia – will pull you to the theatre.

Bramhastra has been running in theatres and as per wikipedia – it has already done business worth 350 Crores in past eleven – twelve days.

And in all likelyhood is likely to cross 500 crores, if we include all revenue streams for a movie:

  1. Box-Office Tickets
  2. Music Streaming Revenue
  3. OTT Rights
  4. Merchandise

While some movies, including blockbusters like Mera Naam Joker don’t end up doing great in Box-Office collections, they end up gaining fame and revenue through other streams.

For instance, Mera Naam Joker became a commercial success in Germany.

About the movie – Brahmastra

It mythological fiction plot with a love story intertwined in it (Bollywood cannot live without love) – based on the concept of multiple astras (weapons of immense power) owned the mighty gods – Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.

And in Brahmastra – the fight is for Brahma Astra, lord Brahma’s weapon which can potentially destroy all of the living creation of planet earth.

The direction, storyline, dialogues, acting – is not the moat of this film.

If you are planning to watch it, you’d watch it for the graphics and VFX, which makes all of the action come (almost) alive on screen.

If you did watch it, tell me what you think in comments. Would love to chat.

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