80,00,000 tons of temple waste – how are these incense start ups solving for this?

 80,00,000 tons of temple waste is dumped in India’s rivers and lands every year.

This natural fragrance brand is trying to change this. 

Nirmalaya, founded by the trio: Bharat, Surbhi & Rajeev, offers a range of natural incense and fragrance products.

All of Nirmalaya’s products are recycled and carbon neutral. 

In April 2019, Rajeev observed the temple waste in Shirdi and started researching how it could be recycled.

Nirmalaya developed its recycling process and patented it with the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. 

The brand also raised 800K USD in a seed round led by Artha Venture yesterday.

There are a few renowned players in the natural incense and fragrance market – Phool, Help us Green.

The problem is big – so the more, the merrier. 

I believe the future is of challenger brands and conscious customers. 
I believe thousands of brands will continue to co-exist, primarily because of their focus on:

– Product Quality
– Customer Service
– Community Driven Initiatives

What are your thoughts on the future of Indian brands?

Source: Inc42 Media, Prakriti, Entrackr

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