Whatever you are feeling is valid.

Whatever you are feeling is valid.

I first learned about the Blob tree or the emotional wheel couple of months back.

Often, popular media teaches us that we are allowed to feel a single emotion in a particular face of life.
Most movies and books depict emotions singularly and not in their multi-faceted form as they truly exist.

In our body, a host of emotions can co-exist. You can feel angry, happy, bored, or optimistic..all of it simultaneously.

Multiple feelings can co-exist together, and they might appear entangled as a single color to us sometimes because some feelings might be more assertive in that phase or moment. At the same time, other emotions also exist within us.

For instance, if you are struggling with a work-related goal. Despite several attempts, you have not reached the goalpost. You might feel devastated.

And also hope that someday your efforts will help you reach that goal post or allow you to learn something from your experience.

Hope and devastation can co-exist.

One movie I can think of that beautifully portrayed all these emotions at once is The Pianist by Roman Polanski.

It is a true story about Wladyslaw Szpilman’s life and how he survived the Nazi Camps by hiding in the ruins of Warsaw during WWII. 

Do watch this today if you have not already.

Also, see what feelings you identify with from the Blob Wheel below. 


To learn about emotional health & wellness visit: https://bit.ly/3DiJyoW

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