Bottom Up vs. Top Down

I’ve discussed these two approaches at length with my peers.

Bottom Up vs. Top Down

In the bottom-up approach, you start from scratch – understanding:

• the theory
• key variables involved
• understanding the whole system in and out
• gather all required resources

And in a top-down approach:

• you work with what you have got
• it is a step-by-step process
• you familiarize yourself with uncertainty
• the idea here is to show up consistently and keep building with what you’ve got

I like asking myself and my team – what is the objective of this activity?

When we have clarity on the objective, I believe we can choose the approach befitting that particular objective.

What do you follow? Do you like to research everything there is to know about a problem and then solve it?

Or do you go step by step when more information is revealed during the journey?

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