d2c funding report for august

D2C brands raised a sum of USD 28.25 M in August 2022.

While there has been a lot of dialogue about the Funding Winter and ever increasing CAC for the D2C brands.

As per the Confederation of Indian Industry report released earlier this year, in collaboration with Shiprocket and Praxis Global Alliance the D2C is a $12 billion market and is estimated to grow upto $60 billion industry by FY27.

Here are three reasons why D2C brands are winning customer love:

1. Personalised Experiences

A decade back if you get a faulty product or have feedback for a brand. There is no one who is really listening.

This has changed with D2C challenger brands where customer is at the heart of the processes.

For instance we launched this Kuntal Care Hair Spa with Hemp ( https://bit.ly/3TBu2dq ) after getting extensive feedback from our customers about how sleep and relaxation are key pain areas they suffer from.

2. Built for the Community

Shifting from the push approach, where big manufacturers have been supplying products via the traditional distributor networks – the D2C eco-system is different and focuses on the awareness funnel.

D2C founders understand how important stories are for consumers today, how the journey is about changing consumer habits. How a modern consumer is not just buying your product but is impacted with entire experience – starting from brand discovery to purchase.

3. Improved quality

Before we built Amrutam.co.in, all our products were prescribed by doctors and sold via the distributor channel.

Over the years, we realised that this won’t work. We won’t be able to offer the best of quality at current scales and which is why we chose to connect directly with our community and cook recipes which are actually life changing.

“I was suffering from spotting & heavy periods and was under medical treatment for 3 months. I had started using the nari soundarya malt one month ago and now I am on my 3rd bottle. I feel malt are working on my health and my periods are now become regular and normal. will keep using this 2 more bottles.”

This is a review one of our customer’s shared about Nari Sondarya Malt ( https://bit.ly/3AFLdlz ) and it is feedback like this which keeps us going.

Read more about Amrutam.co.in‘s D2C journey here: https://bit.ly/3RugM8t

get the full funding report here

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