interesting facts about indian coffee house

I love how Indian Coffee House operates.

You’d be surprised to learn this about Indian Coffee House:

– ICH is an eighty-six year old co-operative

– First outlet of ICH was started in 1936 at Churchgate, Mumbai

– Due to change in policies, ICH had to shut down operations in 1950’s

– Communist leader, Shri A.K. then motivated Coffee workers to form co-operatives and restart ICH

– ICH has 400+ branches today and is run by thirteen co-operative societies. These socities are governed by committees elected by employees

Personally, I love the socialist model of Indian Coffee House and how good they are at their service and food

Most of the ICH branches I have visited, I noticed that the entire serving staff wears white sports shoes – which I presume is a way to ensure fast service as the OG QSR.

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