Mismatched Customers

There is a lot of discussion about how an ideal brand should be.

What the brand ethics should be and how brands should go about their day-to-day business.

However, Entrepreneurs often miss out on talking about the other side of the supply-demand equation.

The customers.

While in India, customers are regarded as gods and often we are told to go to all lengths to serve these mighty gods.

Sometimes, you might come across customers which are not a right fit for your brand.

How do you identify the mismatched customer?

These are few trends I have observed in my experience:

1. They will be making unfair demands like being available on chat/call beyond work hours.

2. Often trying to point out everything that seems to be wrong with your processes.

3. Will always ask for refunds or returns.

Mismatched customers are one of the primary reasons that brands face high RTOs (poor logistics infrastructure being the second).

So next time you come across a mismatched customer, let them go.

You will save more by doing this.

Assumption: The mismatched customers are less than 1% of your overall base, if not, you might need to rework on your PMF.

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