fashion wars

Let’s talk about fashion wars and future of retail tonight.

Do you know?

1 out of 8 Indians shop from Reliance Retail.

And fashion is a huge part of Reliance Retail ‘s business.

And on the other hand, we have Walmart backed Myntra which has been the 60% shareholder of the current online fashion market.

[Btw, I am in awe of Myntra’s acquistion strategy, every third brand I try – I see a Myntra coupon attached to it. (Got a coupon with today)]

Myntra has also been strong on it’s branding front and has been building it’s live commerce segment.

On the other side, which brings in Reliance retail’s 25% of business has been transforming itself from retail first to tech first.

During the pandemic,Ajio enhanced it’s tech and logistics capabilities.

And now both Ajio and Myntra are competing for the fashion market, neck to neck.

While Reliance’s supply chain expertise and retail stores can be some of Ajio’s key advantages over Myntra.

Myntra understand the online consumer better and has been deepening it’s insights and tech capabilities with features like Mlive, Myntra Studio etc

I was surprised to learn though that Myntra has opened it’s own experiential stores.

Who do you think will win in next five to ten years? What are going to be some interesting retail trends we’ll see in coming years – live commerce, metaverse shopping, omnichannel, something enmeshed with content and commerce?

source: unofficial sources podcast, the ken

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