on experiments

Before our customers started ordering at Amrutam.co.in

We tried, tested and learnt from at a lot of experiments.

While working on our multiple strategies, we always set up our hypothesis.

We consciously write down our assumptions and run tests.

Some of these tests can be back-breaking and gut wrenching because there is no way to peek through the future.

While some of these experiments work and make it out in the universe.

Many don’t.

If today is that day for you when you are wondering if your efforts will lead to a certain result or not.

You cannot know, there is no way.

You can only connect the dots backwards and make meaning out of these experiences.

Here are somethings we tried and learnt a lot from:

1. Stuti and I took a forty hour long train ride to set up a pop up at one of the Ayurveda exhibitions in Bangalore.

With kilos of Ayurvedic herbs in our bags, we learnt the faster way to reach our audience is the internet.

2. Agnim inspired us to create our own chat bot using Google Dialog Flow, we named him Amru.

We learnt humans are way smarter than bots.

3. We worked on a private label partnership for months in our early days.

And learnt that only we can curate the experience which we wish to deliver to our audience.


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