Learnings from Rage Coffee’s Journey

I started listening to business podcasts this year during the summer. 

While going on my evening/morning walk, listening to founders and their journeys is exciting. 

One of my favourite podcasts is hosted by Siddhartha Ahluwalia, 100X VC.

Today morning, I listened to Bharat‘s journey, a D2C veteran.

Bharat built PosterGully right after college and knew from the start that he wanted to create for India.

As he shared his stories about building his latest venture PosterGully, I could relate to how as entrepreneurs, we face similar struggles through our journeys. It’s our curiosity and willingness to learn which keeps us going, despite the daily roadblocks which come our way.

Two things that I could take away from this episode were:

1. Build Communities:

Community is not a one-way street where you share information with the audience, listening (which is often missing) is an important part too. Engaging with your community means listening to your community member’s concerns actively and regularly. To understand what they are seeking. 

At Amrutam.co.in, for the longest time, AgnimStuti and I spoke to all our customers regularly to help resolve their queries and learn about their key pain points.

Engaging with our community is one activity that I keep returning to, as it helps me find key pain areas our community members face.

2. Manufacturing Capacities can be Scaled

Bharat, while sharing his journey with Siddhartha mentioned how initially Rage Coffee started with a small manufacturing capacity, and often the question would pop up – how will you scale up production?

Listening to Bharat reinforced my belief in Amrutam.co.in‘s recipes. We have been curating these since 2006 and often have tackled the same question.

While most D2C brands choose to go the private label way, for us, there was no question – since Ashok Ji had been designing Ayurvedic recipes for the past three decades.

You’d find yourself instantly believing in the power of Ayurveda if you listened to the knowledge and anecdotes he has to share. 

Do you listen to podcasts too? Tell me your favorite ones.

P.S. we collaborated with Rage Coffee this year and loved the response we received.

I am in awe of our eco-system and how collaborative it is becoming. I see founders and teams from multiple starts ups helping each other out daily and solving not just for their brand. For the eco-system as a whole.

Truly grateful to be a part of this.


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