rest is productive

I turned twenty-six yesterday and I did this for myself.

Over the past five years, workspaces have evolved over apps like whatsapp. 

On an average day, I receive 1k+ messages – some where I play an active role and some where I am just a participant.

And if you have grown and evolved with your brand, it’s very hard to create a boundary and take a day off.

Especially when you understand the detailed intricacies of some parts of your work – it’s difficult to withdraw and let something you’ve known so closely (almost as a child) grow on it’s own.

And one important lesson of turning twenty-six, is letting go and allowing things to grow naturally at their own pace. So I gifted myself a day off yesterday!

If you have found yourself often engaging with work, beyond work hours (voluntarily) then gift yourself a day off:

1. It will help you come back with a new reserve of energy.
2. It will allow space for your team to grow.
3. It will surprise you.

Rest is productive.


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