sustainable growth

This small belief has allowed us to grow sustainably over the past five years.

When Amrutam was reinvented back in 2017, all of our very bullish on Amrutam Malts.

Malts are Ayurvedic Jams infused with herbs and dry fruits, these are exceptionally good for health, immunity and also aid in digestion. 

We have this unwavering belief in malts, we were sure these will work.

In fact, the first ten products we launched on our website were Amrutam Malts. 

Since malt as a concept is new for audience, we started curating expert content – videos, articles, social media posts – expalining our audience what a malt is and how it helps in improving one’s well-being.

Those who were familiar with Ayurveda started engaging with us and even appreciated the work we were doing. 

In next few quarters we were to quick to realise that this audience is small, audience which is familiar with Ayurveda is small.

As per Statista, the share of 18-24 years old Instagram users was the highest with 51 percent across the country in 2017. 

While we were very passionate about malts, the audience was not – they dint understand what malt is. It did come as a small wave of disappointment, because we saw Ashok Ji put his heart and soul into malts, day in and out.

And the audience, was just not ready yet for Amrutam Malts.

What did we do next? 

With less than ten orders coming our way in the first two quarter of our website launch, we started to shift our focus the 18-24 yo who were on the internet, we observed where they were from, what they liked, who they engaged with – we tried learning everything there was to learn about this TG (as we fell in the same age-group) and parallely, we had been working on some new products – Kuntal Care Hair Spa (People call this a magic potion for their hair) , Face Clean Up and more.

And it worked – when we started listening to our customers, hair care as a category took off for us. 

What happened to Amrutam Malts?

Once our community started trusting us with the application based recipes, they started organically trusting and consuming the Amrutam Malts.
Just with organic efforts, working on spreading awareness about Ayurveda helped us grow sustainably – today malts are the second largest category for us.

I guess what they say is true, there is a time and space for everything. 

Things to remember:

a) If something is not working out for you, it might work in coming years – patience is the key.
b) Keep listening to your community, your audience – you are curating for them.
c) Pivot when required, whatever you have created so far – will always stay with you. If situation requires, pivot.
Most legendary brands did – Samsung Electronics sold vegetables at one point of time, Airbnb sold cereals ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you for reading!


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