Tabula Rasa

I learned about this concept yesterday while listening to Carl Jung’s documentary.

Tabula Rasa means that at birth, we are all born with an empty state of mind (possibly similar to samadhi), with no preconceived notions and goals about life, without any exposure to the social constructs we embody as we grow.

Jung’s words directed me toward the nature vs. nurture debate of who we are is a function of pre-defined biological nature or a result of nurturing.

It’s most likely to be a mix of both, with both forces playing a significant role in how we experience life.

Jung also debated against the idea of Tabula Rasa, saying, “The infantile soul is no tabula rasa at all, as presumed by modern psychology, but the ancient images are always already there a priori.”

This line of thinking also coincides with eastern philosophy – the concept of multiple lives.

How much of a role do you think nature and nurturing play in the outcomes of your life?

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