I love how whatsapp is changing the way we communicate.

I love how WhatsApp is changing the way we communicate.

The first time I created a WhatsApp account was back in 2012, a decade back and before that, we all used to pay for SMS packs. 

There was a quota-based pricing system then and now access to the internet has transformed everything.

If someone would have mentioned that content and commerce would be powered by WhatsApp, I would have just walked past them.

While I have seen commerce evolve over WhatsApp over the past two years, I was surprised to see how WhatsApp is beating email too. 

I would say it’s because of the end user’s familiarity with the interface and ease of use too.

When I subscribed to Unfinance‘s WhatsApp newsletter, I have filled with this curious joy.

Not just because of the channel (WhatsApp) but also because of how effective and simple their content is.

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