How to get 1 Lakh views on Linkedin in 30 days?

I started writing consistently on Linkedin towards the end of August and just kept these few pointers in mind:

  1. Wrote twice a day, everyday.
  2. Posted twice – once in morning and once in evening.
  3. Decided not to judge/analyze any data before 30 days

There is no secret sauce, each one of us have stories to share and we must share these.

If we don’t, who else will.

Yes, at times you’d find yourself:

  1. Overthinking about each post
  2. Thinking about what will people think
  3. Is this relavant?

This is your brain trying to trick you, the point of a social media platform is to engage, connect and learn. It’s okay if you are not an expert, it’s okay if you are fresher – keep the doors open for learning and connection and views and any other metric would be a by product of that.

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