are we headed towards a global recession?

I remember hours of discussions with family and friends.

About the frenzied state of affairs we were in 2020, the mass exodus of migrant workers during the lockdown – the plight of proletariats.

I wondered then what will be the impact of putting a pause on the economy for long phases:

Here is what it has led to:

• Then, the world prioritized health while economists like Sen warned of the repercussions of continued lockdowns.

• We are now in the cycle of: Increased financial stimulus -> Inflation -> Making money cheaper to control Inflation -> Recession.

• Central banks worldwide have raised interest rates to control Inflationary pressures, which could cause harm to developing economies.

• Geo – Political scenarios like the Russia-Ukraine war could define a lot about the direction of the Global economy in the coming two years.

Do you think a recession is headed our way? Do you think it will impact the ordinary person?

What can brands do to navigate through this?

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