artfills – a digital school teaching indian art forms.

I pursued my under-grad at Christ University, Bangalore.

The memories of the first day at university, live within me vividly even today.

Out of all things that Christ had to offer, one thing which stuck with my heart were the cultural activities.

Each day there was some or the other art form being practiced and showcased.

The moment you’d step out from your lecture, you’d see different dance teams practicing.

Yes, dance was a big thing at Christ. Especially, Indian Art forms.

A recent workshop with Arise Accelerator reminded of my memories (as an audience of Indian Dance forms at Christ).

In our cohort – we have Artfills – a digital school teaching Indian Art Forms.

Founded by Bhakti & Dhruv , Artfills vision is to make best Art-Education available for all.

The start up offers online courses in Kathak and Vocals for Adults and kids too.

Personally, I love how beautifully designed Artfills website is and how it displays Indianness even in the UI/UX implemented.

As a friend pointed out to me two months back, it is these Art Forms which stay with us as we get old.

I believe the audience for Art forms is going to grow in near future, perhaps, IPVs seed investment in the Music learning platform Spardha early this year is a validation of this thesis.

Super grateful to have received an opportunity to be a part of Arise Accelerator.

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