Chappal King of India

Ten years back, I had this blue pair of sneakers, and I loved them.

They were my favourite ones, and subconsciously I attached some degree of luck to them.

I bet ten years later, this is precisely how shareholders of this footwear company would feel.

A few days ago, I started reading the story of the Chappal King of India and learned these inspiring facts:

• Founded by Dua family, Relaxo Footwear Limited sells 18 Crore Chappals yearly.

• Brand’s revenue has increased from INR 150 crores in FY03 to INR 2600 crores in FY22.

• Relaxo adds 13% to India’s overall footwear production capacity.

• Most footwear brands, including Nike, outsource their manufacturing capabilities; Relaxo did the opposite – they set up their manufacturing units which helped them keep their bottom line healthy and growing.

• Relaxo launched multiple brands to cater to diverse customer segments. Some of the well-known ones are Sparx, Flight and Schoolmate.

• To strengthen their brand image, Relaxo has worked with several Bollywood stars: Dara Singh, Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, and Sonakshi Sinha.. to name a few.

Have you ever used a Relaxo product? They might be lucky for you too.

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