customer happiness can drive growth

I spoke to one of our customers today.

We had missed sending one of the items she had ordered in her package.

As soon as I picked up the call, she started sharing the details of her order – the AWB number and the missing item.

I was spellbound; she knew our processes so well.

After hearing her concern, I apologized for the logistical issue and reassured her that we would send out the missing item by Monday eod.

S, the customer, shared happily, how she has been using all Amrutam recipes religiously for the past three years.

It’s happy customers like S, who keep me going day after day.

The feeling of your community members being happy and satisfied is sweet and addictive.

There are gaps in our current ecosystem, and I believe we will constantly keep evolving.

All I am grateful for is playing a role in building this community of Ayurveda enthusiasts who trust us so much and are so kind.

They keep us going.

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