future of creator economy

I have worked with over a hundred creators in the past four years.

Out of eight crores + of creators in India, only one per cent of creators are able to monetize their content successfully.

Here is what we don’t see and acknowledge about the Creator Economy:

• Hours of research which goes behind each piece

• Hustle behind creating each content piece – be it audio, video or written format

• Constant risk of not having a stable revenue stream

• Multiple iterations creators offer when they are starting to satisfy the “brand guidelines.”

•In the post-pandemic era, the avg. Engagement time by the audience has been decreasing constantly

While the creator economy has emerged as a shining career option for many, it has its dark corners.

The freedom to operate and being your own boss is something that pushes many artists to create content on platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Twitch, Substack etc

While the unspoken reality behind the glamour can be heartbreaking for upcoming creators.

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