future of indian economy

I was amused to learn this from my Gen-Z cousins.

As per 2021 stats, the contribution of the tertiary (services) sector to India’s GDP has been the highest – almost 54%.

Agriculture is at 20.19% and Industry/Manufacturing at 25.92%

These exciting figures speak volumes about what development will look like for our country in the coming years.

We also discussed how India seems to have skipped the second stage of development with limited contribution from the industrial sector.

What surprises me is that India still is an Agragarian economy, with 54.6% of our population engaged in the primary sector.

I believe the next two decades would be a fascinating experience for us Millenials to see technology transform the way we live.

A lot will go into skill development too, and that change will be gradual, as it will be a parallel mental revolution for the masses.

We are just getting started with frameworks like UPI, Aadhar, and ONDC.

Exciting things lie ahead; what an outstanding century to live in – where the pace of growth is lightning fast.

What are your thoughts on this?


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