i am deep underwater

I wonder why universities don’t include Bukowski’s works in the curriculum.

Being the poetry nerds that we are, three of us orchestrated a mini spoken word session in our evening meeting today. (Inspired by “so you want to be a writer?” – Charles Bukowski)

From times when words have been our source of inspiration, a spark, a way of living, a way to put things in perspective,

to times when words have gone a vacation, they have stopped flowing through us.

It isn’t easy to juggle between your KRAs, KPIs and inner-world objects.

To find and create space for all that is abstract and cannot be measured (For the longest time, I have felt that most things are abstract, and we forcefully try to measure them, quantify them to make meaning and be in control while the reality is absolute chaos)

I am grateful that I am part of a team which creates space for everything that is abstract regularly, space for vulnerability.

In our evening mini-spoken word session, this is what I wrote:

“i am deep underwater
and words have
started bubbling,
like a struggle
for each

i am deep underwater”

Work does not have to be only graphs, data, KPIs, and targets – let’s not forget to have some fun while we are at it, shall we?

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