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A couple of weeks back I watched Inventing Anna on Netflix, friends from Amrutam had recommended me to add this show to my must-watch list and I must say the show kept me hooked till the end.

Anna’s story also reminded me of Frank Abagnale’s story, which I watched long back in Catch Me If You Can.

Both, Anna and Frank, left me with a lot of thoughts and questions.

Both are scam artists who try to make it big in the US, while Frank’s story is set in the 1960s, Anna’s story is a recent one – spread between 2013 to 2017.

Anna visits the US posing as a Russian-German heiress, builds connections with the cream layer of NYC and aspires to start ADF – Anna Delvey Foundation. Delvey is not her real name, it’s the name she has given to herself.

Towards the end of the series, I am left with notes of empathy in my heart for Anna, which is strange – because the series also displays other characters, like the journalist (Jessica Pressler) who becomes attached and starts caring about Anna. And also, the defence lawyer, (Todd Spodek), starts caring about Anna and empathizing with Anna.

I was also surprised to learn about the massive fan following that Anna has built online, it’s insane – she has:

1 M followers on her Instagram Account
Anna’s NFT tokens available at 0.08 ETH, approximately 8,000 INR which will give the NFT owners access to Anna’s live streams and other metaverse activities
There is also, the ADF token which claims to offer exclusive access to the “most innovative VIP club of NYC”

I am not going to dwell on the larger questions of if what Anna did was right or wrong, at the same time some dialogues of the series pose the question of access to capital very directly to their audience – “Does a Truck Driver’s daughter really have any realistic ways of making it big in the society?” and questions like these are what will make you empathise with Anna’s story.

Even as a marketeer, I believe Anna’s story works on a marketing framework built on these two variables: Exclusivity & Empathy, which is used by many brands.

All of Anna’s actions were directed toward building an exclusive art club for NYC dwellers and her dreams are what helped her build that empathy amongst everyone who wanted to be a part of this club.

If you think of it, many brands today are these exclusive clubs, nudging their users to be a part of their community.

Have you watched Inventing Anna? What are your thoughts?

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