The Burnout pandemic is snowballing.

One in Four corporate employees is showing signs of burnout & anxiety.

Why is this happening?

“Toxic workplace culture” has become the most significant cause of this pandemic.

People are:

β€’ Tired of not being heard
β€’ Afraid of failure
β€’ Confused about their role
β€’ Afraid of the Grapevine

What can you do to stop the burnout pandemic?

β€’ Create more non-judgemental listening spaces
β€’ Be more input driven, allow failure as an outcome
β€’ Help your team identify their role in the larger scheme of things
β€’ Have more open & vulnerable discussions; kill the grapevine

References: Mckinsey Health Report, Tribune India, Mint

If you are feeling heavy / are on the verge of burning, speak to an expert today.

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