adapting to changes

I am very spontaneous as a person.

Despite that spontaneity which allows me to learn and continue to wear multiple hats, I’ve sometimes been resistant to changes.

Resistance may not be the best word – I should say that I take time to adjust to changes, especially changes gradually introduced into my routine.

I have been working remotely, at large, since 2017 – first due to health reasons, then due to covid and finally, as a choice.

And routine is something I have learnt to build on my own, it’s like freedom and discipline need to co-exist, and that’s where building a routine helps bring in the balance between freedom and discipline.

At Amrutam, we’ve recently brought in some changes in our working style to allow space for more:

โ€ข Autonomy
โ€ข Responsibility
โ€ข Healthy Boundaries

While we are a small team of ten-twelve folks, I am excited to see where these structural changes will take us in the coming quarters.

I am going to spend the next few weeks finding my rhythm with the new routine as winters arrive ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you prefer working remotely or from the office? And how do you respond to changes in your routine?

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