the story behind falling apple prices

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Not really, if the apple is rotten.

This is happening right now for Kashmiri apples. Kashmir alone is responsible for supplying seventy-five per cent of Indian apples.

And currently, due to excess supply and logistical issues, the apples are getting rotten before they can reach the fruit mandis.

Kashmir was not the apple hub until the 1950s, only when many paddy farmers started converting their farms to apple orchards, as the latter required lesser water, which meant lesser cost.

Though after seven decades, the premium quality Kashmiri apples are struggling because trucks laden with fresh apples are getting stuck on the highway as the supply has increased, and it’s taking almost a week to get clearance.

These logistical challenges could deeply impact the J&K economy as apple cultivation contributes to eight point two per cent of the state GDP and offers employment to forty-five lakh + people.

Source: The Indian Express, Finshots

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