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I started to believe in Apple’s latest privacy policy because of this one incident.

At first, I was sceptical of the changes which came about in 2021. Apple started giving all its users an option to avoid being tracked by advertisers, and this, as a consequence, has led to massive losses for Facebook and also for nascent brands which relied on Facebook’s marketing stack.

The loss and the change in the ecosystem are huge.

Facebook is set to lose more than 10 billion USD in sales this year on account of the new privacy policy launched by Apple.

And, because nearly half of all online shoppers in India now use the iPhone, this has resulted in a significant increase in media pricing.

Now, let me explain why I was sceptical (still am to a certain degree) about this move from Apple’s end.

Apple has been losing its growth graph for iPhone sales, and the growth percentage has not been as high as it was in 2014-15, forcing the company to devise a solution.

So to beat the sluggish growth around the iPhones and since the privacy update, Apple’s own ad revenue has grown—so was the privacy update a double-edged sword to win customers’ trust by using privacy as a value and also tap into the advertising revenue on the internet.

We will only get more clarity on this in coming years as frameworks settle and there is more tangible data available to safely validate this hypothesis. However, the privacy move did shake some strong waves around the world, and even Google has been planning to go cookieless in coming years.

If this happens, then it will definitely have some short-term repercussions, but in the long term, it will definitely be a win for the consumer. However, it is difficult to expect monopolies to create real wins for consumers.

Perhaps Web3 is the answer to this, and somehow, whichever way we go in the future, we will be able to tell when we arrive in that future. For now, we can only draw estimates.

What led to a change of heart for me?

Recently, for some dev ops-related work, I had to call Apple support and they gave me an option on the IVR to not have the call recorded. This is huge and I love how Apple has gone into detail about valuing the consumer’s privacy. In most cases, when you are calling support teams, they would mention that you will be recorded as a statement. There is no choice there and Apple’s trying to change this by setting an example surely won some of my trust.

What are your thoughts? How much do you value privacy as a consumer?

Source: ThinkSchool, TechCrunch


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