how do you build wealth?

I’ve spent the second half of my teenage life and early twenties – trying to find an answer to this question.

The first thing I learnt was the concept of Financial Independence.

What does Financial Independence mean?

To have enough income to pay for your short-term expenses.

Income = or > Expenses

It attempts to find my financial independence; as a teenager at barely fifteen, I remember going door to door to offices of various professionals in the city – Lawyers, CAs.. – I did not know what I could offer to someone with a professional degree.

I knew I could help, and I needed to figure out how to pitch this help.

Helping others and solving problems at a zero-to-one stage is something I’ve enjoyed a lot. Across the multiple business rendezvous I’ve had – from the social sector to food, photography to clothing – I have been lucky to witness challenges and growth at a grassroots level.

Looking back, many of these opportunities came to me because I went with the intent to help. And this intent is not purely selfless. I’ve learnt the most throughout my journey while trying to help and that in itself has given me this profound sense of accomplishment, validation and learning which one can gain only from experiences.

Going back to financial independence, I failed for years, which remained a key goal for the longest time in my life. To be capable enough to manage my expenses.

And today, after numerous failed attempts – when I started succeeding while building Amrutam , I realize how a lot of lessons came from each of my experiences when I intended to help others:

• The years of trying to help my father with his clothing store – helped me learn the skeleton of how a business works

• Years I spent in the social sector trying to bring change – helped me learn how organizations work and how you can build systems around it

• Months I spent volunteering at a hippie hostel which Stuti started – helped me learn how play is an integral part of work too and how you’ve to balance it out, how EQ is super important for organizations

• Years I spent assisting a friend with their service-based business – helped me learn how in the service space, building your portfolio is super important

• Months I spent helping my brother with his cloud kitchen business – helped me learn how a food business operates and how much of it is dependent on quality operations and planning

While I do not have a formula with linear growth levers which help build wealth, I am learning to trust my learnings and a large part of building long-term wealth starts there – in trusting your learnings and implementing them.

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